Isis, Divine Mother

Isis is a popular Egyptian goddess, tied to nature, magic, fertility, motherhood and family.  She is also seen as a goddess of rebirth, reincarnation, and protector of the dead.  Her other names include Divine Mother, Mistress of the West, Queen of the Earth, Lady of Truth, Giver of Life, and Mistress of the Tomb ofContinue reading “Isis, Divine Mother”

Bast, Goddess of Cats

Bast (Pagan Blog Project) Bastet, Baast, Baset, Ubasti, Pasch, Pasht, Ailuros, Aelurus A popular ancient Egyptian feline goddess. Patron of the sun, the moon, lions, cats, women, sex, fertility, passion and secrets.  Also associated with perfume and protective ointments. Bast is also known as a war goddess, protector of the lands. Originally, Bast was viewedContinue reading “Bast, Goddess of Cats”