Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling has had a huge cultural impact.  Since the first book was published in 1997, they have quickly become the best-selling book series in history.  Children and adults alike have eagerly followed the magical adventures of the wizard Harry Potter and his battle of good vs evil.  The series containsContinue reading “Harry Potter”


A Grimoire is a book of magic, often containing spells, conjurations, charms, divinations and other occult wisdom.  Grimoires have ancient origins and are thought to have influenced many societies worldwide. The term grimoire is thought to come from the French word ‘grammaire’ (grammar), which historically was used to describe any book written in Latin orContinue reading “Grimoire”

Pagan Paths

Pagan Paths: A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and Other Pagan Practices Pete Jennings “Paganism, which has its roots in the ancient nature religions, is one of the fastest growing movements in the West today. As such, it is a collection of “spiritual paths” that express their beliefs in subtly different ways, explored hereContinue reading “Pagan Paths”

Sabbats: A Witch’s Approach to Living the Old Ways

Sabbats: A Witch’s Approach to Living the Old Ways Edain McCoy “Celebrate the eight sacred seasons of the Witches’ year. Mark the passing of time and honor each season with sacred ritual and seasonal craftwork, ancient stories and traditional treats. Create a colorful mask for Samhain, make a honey cake for Imbolg, fashion a chapletContinue reading “Sabbats: A Witch’s Approach to Living the Old Ways”

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft” Denise Zimmermann , Katherine Gleason This guide offers a beginner’s look at the history of paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft, from the Druids and Celts to the witches of today who practice an earth-based religion, cast spells, and perform natural magic. The book, written by a practicing witch,Continue reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft”

Circle of Three – Merry Meet & Second Sight

Merry Meet – Circle of Three (Book 2) Joined together, hand in hand, our circle gathers round, to work our magic, weave the web, and dance on sacred ground. By the Goddess we are called, witch to witch and friend to friend, to merry meet, and merry part and merry meet again. A book ofContinue reading “Circle of Three – Merry Meet & Second Sight”

So Mote It Be – Circle of Three (Book 1)

“So Mote It Be – Circle of Three (Book 1) ” Isobel Bird Kate Morgan, a 16-year-old, popular basketball player, is assigned a term paper on the witch trials of the 17th century.  Amongst the pile of books she checks out of the library, she finds an actual spellbook.  Skeptical at first, she decides toContinue reading “So Mote It Be – Circle of Three (Book 1)”

Critical Thinking in Pagan Reading

I stumbled upon what I thought was a very good blog article written by Thoughts from a Threshold.  As someone from an academic background, I agree with many of the points, such as know the author, know the sources, and also whether or not you agree with the content. Some authors don’t have a lot ofContinue reading “Critical Thinking in Pagan Reading”

Essential Guide to Crystals

“The Essential Guide to Crystals” (Simon & Sue Lilly) An authoritative illustrated guide to crystals reveals the full power and mystery of these gems, which can heal our spirits and enhance our lives. More than 100 crystals are grouped by color and then presented individually through color photography and in-depth discussions of appearance, followed byContinue reading “Essential Guide to Crystals”