Pagan Blog Project

I participated in the Pagan Blog Project, started by Jess Carlson.

Every week covers a specific letter of the alphabet, on which you can write a variety of pagan-related blog posts.  They can deal with feelings, thoughts, intuitions, reflection, as well as (my favourite) study of topics you would like to learn more about.

My 2014 Pagan Blog Project posts from my new blog are:
A is for Arianrhod
B is for Boudicca
C is for the Cailleach, C is for Cernunnos
D is for Druidry
E is for Ériu
F is for Fionn mac Cumhaill, Frigg vs Freyja
G is for the Gundestrup Cauldron


My 2013 Pagan Blog Project posts are:
A is for AmberA is for Ásatrú
B is for BrigidB is for Bast
C is for Cerridwen
D is for the DagdaD is for Danu
E is for Eostre
F is for Faeries, F is for Freyja
G is for GaiaG is for Grimoire
H is for HelH is for Harry Potter
I is for Isis
I is for Ireland (History and Mythology)
J is for Jade
K is for Kabbalah, K is for Kyanite
L is for Lapis Lazuli, L is for Lugh
M is for the Morrigan
N is for Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology
O is for Odin
P is for Pentacle, P is for Persephone
R is for Raven
T is for ThebanT is for Triple Goddess, T is for Thor
U is for Underworld
Y is for Yggdrasil, the World Tree

pbp2013My 2012 Pagan Blog Project posts are:
I is for Inanna
J is for Jasper
K is for Karma
L is for Labyrinth
L is for Luck
M is for Magick
N is for Nyx, Goddess of Night
O is for Owls
P is for Paganism
Q is for Quartz
R is for Runes
S is for Spiral
T is for Tuatha de Danann
U is for Universalist Unitarian Pagans
V is for Vikings
W is for Wyrd
Y is for Yule



5 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project

  1. My name is Jennifer Wright and I run PaganPagesOrg Emagazine ( We are a free monthly, non profit, epublication on Witchcraft, Magick, Paganism in all it’s forms.
    I came across your blog and was wondering, if you would like, or had the time, if you would like a column in our publication. We have been out for over 6 years now. If you go into our archives section you will see, on the bottom of our page, issues going back around 6 years. We have interviewed and reviewed many well known Pagans.

    If this is something that interests you, please let me know.

    Much Love,

  2. I need some information my great grandmother was a follower to Wicca and I am not sure what she had done but she was able to place a fate cycle on us. I think she was a Wicca went bad. I have such an interesting story but I need to find some things out. I think there may have been a killing of a lamb to give to her gods. In my family there has been a sealed fate for as long as this family started. There is always a history teller and a gate keeper. This is a long story and I am willing to share but now I need to know how to get rid of the fate on me and my family. I am in the process of going through what you guys are saying liniage or something like that. I have more questions than answers my family never talked about this I have no information on my great grandma only that she came from Norway my family did not even know she was a follower to this religion. They just made it out to be some cute little gnome thing. I really need some answers please. Thank you my name is Charlene Axtman

    • Hi, well I don’t know if your grandmother practiced Wicca, as it started in 1950s England by Gerald Gardner, and Wiccans don’t hex or put curses on people (that I know of). However she could have followed a family tradition which vary by region, etc. Saying she’s from Norway means she could have followed something similar to Asatru or Norse Heathenry? I know in ancient history, people would sacrifice animals to the Norse god Odin, but I haven’t heard of animal sacrifice in a modern sense. I think with any curse or negative energy, the fact that you believe gives it more weight. I don’t think any of this helps you, but I don’t know what other advice to give? Aine

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