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I was raised in the Catholic church where I was quite active as a youth.  When I was a teen, I read a few books on Wicca but I felt that my Catholic mother would never approve, so I settled on being Agnostic.  As I grew up, I felt that there was something lacking in my spiritual life, and somehow found my way back to Wicca.

I started reading everything I could on the subject of Wicca and Neopaganism, met a great group of people, and was eventually initiated into an eclectic Celtic-based Wiccan tradition.

The ‘year and a day’ reference comes from the fact that most Wiccan groups require seekers to study the craft for a year and a day before they are able to be formally dedicated/initiated into the group.  It is also said the Celtic goddess Cerridwen stirred her cauldron of knowledge for the same amount of time.

I call myself Pagan, although my interests are strongly based in Wicca as well as Celtic and Norse mythology.  I’m also very interested in history, archaeology, science, metaphysics, religious studies, spirituality and other cool things.

I also had a monthly column at Pagan Pages Ezine, aptly named ‘A Year And A Day’, where you can still find articles I have written on a variety of subjects.

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Aine Caroline Evans