New Year, New Changes

In an attempt to simplify my life, I’ve decided to amalgamate my blogs and change things up a bit.  I have become busier and I like the idea of having one place to write about all of my interests.

I’ve created a new blog called ‘The New Pagan‘.  I feel the name describes my path, which goes from Catholic childhood, to agnostic teen, and finally (re?)discovering the pagan path.  I say ‘rediscovered’ as I was curious about Wicca when I was a teenager, however was very certain my Catholic mother would never permit me to indulge in such ‘blasphemy’, so I quickly cut myself off.

I call myself a Pagan even though I have been initiated into an eclectic Celtic-based Wiccan tradition.  I feel that my interests are too varied to fit into any one category, and sometimes change like the seasons.  I also might have an issue with commitment 😉

So I hope you continue to follow me as I learn more about the different facets of Paganism, mythology, history, archaeology, magic, metaphysics, spirituality and other cool things!


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