Beltaine, Bealtaine, May Day, May Eve, Lady Day, Roodmas, Walpurgis Night
April 30th Eve to May 1st
Cross-quarter Festival, Greater Sabbat, Fire Festival

Beltane is a fertility and fire festival that celebrates the return of spring, the sun’s warmth and nature’s abundance.  As life springs forth from the fertile earth, this is a good time for all celebrations of fertility, new ideas, and prosperity.  Beltane is associated with bonfires, Maypoles, planting, handfastings, faeries, the Green Man, Morris Dancing, flowers, birds, bees, fertility magic, passion and love!


© A Year And A Day (2013)

5 thoughts on “Beltane

      • Lol, we had a metal mesh waste paper bin, into which we put paper and kindling… we also added some sage to help the purification process, and of course said a few chants/healing prayers over it… hedgewitchery at its finest!

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