Spirit, the Fifth Element

This month, I’m looking more closely at the element of Spirit, or Ether or Akasha.  Akasha is the Sanskrit word for Ether/Aether, which represents the universal inner space, the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. (Wiki)

Spirit is thought to be the fifth element, with the other four classical elements being Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Together they form each point of the pentacle.

Spirit represents the prime element present in all things, providing space, connection and balance for all elements to exist.  It is essential to our sense of connectedness with spirit and well-being.  Spirit represents represents the sense of joy and union, transcendence, transformation, change, everywhere and nowhere, within and without, immanence.  It represents the human spirit and energy of the Goddess and God.

Types of magick include enlightenment, findng your life path, spiritual
knowledge, seeing and understanding karmic paths of life.

Direction Centre, circumference, complete lack of direction and dimension
Gender Universal
Energy Universal
Colours White, Black, Purple
Season The turning wheel of the year
Goddesses The Lady, Isis
Gods The Horned God, Akasha
Magick tools Pentacle, robe, cord, rope
Rule of Magnus To become perfected
Symbols Infinity, the cosmos, godhead, the creator, infinity sign, wheel, pentacle
Chakra Crown, Third Eye
Animals Dove
Trees/Plants Mistletoe, the flowing almond tree
Gems & Stones Quartz, diamonds
Sense Sixth sense, intuition
Positive Traits Wisdom
Negative Traits Self-destruction

© A Year And A Day (2012)

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