The Element of Air

This month, I’m looking more closely at the element of Air.  Air is one of the four classical elements, which also includes Earth, Water and Fire.  A fifth element, Spirit or Akasha, is also sometimes included – and can represent the five points on the Pentacle.

Air represents the mind and intelligence, knowledge, communication, inspiration, imagination, intuition, illumination, ideas, freedom, clarity, telepathy, psychic powers, dreams and wishes, travel, finding lost things, ability to know & understand, brainstorming, and new beginnings.

Air symbols include the sky, wind, clouds, vibrations, smoke, feathers, plants, trees, flowers.  Types of magic using Air energies include divination, concentration, visualization, wind magick, feather magick, prophecy, karma work.  Air related rituals include playing a flute or wind instrument, tossing objects in the wind, burning incense & aromatherapy, hanging objects in trees/high places.

Gender Masculine
Direction East
Cycle of Life Birth, Infancy
Moon Phase New, Waxing
Season Spring
Symbols Sky, wind, clouds, breath, vibrations, smoke, feathers,   plants, herbs, trees, flowers
Sabbat Imbolc, Ostara
Wind Eurus
Goddesses Danu, Athena, Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nuit,   Urania
Gods Mercury, Thoth
Spirits/Elementals Sylphs, Zephyrs, Fairies of trees, flowers and   winds
Magick tools Censer, athame, sword, wand
Rule of Magnus To Know
Zodiac Signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Planets Mercury, Uranus
Chakra Heart
Animals Doves, hawk, eagle, foxes, turtle, raven, spider
Trees/Plants Wildflowers, lavender, clover, lemon balm, ash   trees, birch, aspen, beech, acacia, almond, hazel, linden, maple, pine
Herbal Frankincence, myrrh, pansy, primrose, vervain,   violet, yarrow, dill, clove
Gems & Stones Fluorite, moonstone, turquoise, amethyst, rhodochrosite,   silver, topaz, pumice, alexandrite
Metals Tin, copper
Instruments Flute, wind instruments
Type of magick Divination, concentration, visualization, wind   magick, prophecy, karma work
Ritual Action Playing a flute/wind instrument, tossing objects   in the wind, burning incense & aromatherapy, hanging objects in trees/high   places, discovering lost items, developing psychic abilities
(C) A Year And A Day (2012)

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