Goddess Alive

Goddess Alive: Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life”  Michelle Skye

The changing of the seasons, phases of the moon, even our personal experiences-all are reflections of the Divine Feminine. Create a stronger connection to the sacred world and your own divinity by welcoming these thirteen powerful Celtic and Nordic goddesses into your life. (Amazon)

The Winter Solstice: Cerridwyn, Welsh Goddess of Rebirth and Renewal
Imbolc: Brigid, Irish Goddess of Fire
The Spring Equinox: Eostre, Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring
Beltane: Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love and War
The Summer Solstice: Áine, Irish Goddess of Faeries and Fertility
Lammas/Lughnasadh: Danu, Irish Mother Goddess of Wisdom
The Autumn Equinox: Modron, Welsh Mother Goddess of Mystery
Samhain: Hella, Norse Goddess of the Underworld

Waxing Moon: Branwen, Welsh Goddess of Sovereignty
Full Moon: Maeve, Irish Goddess of Personal Power
Waning Moon: The Valkyries, Norse Goddesses of Battle Magic and Soul Journey
Dark Moon: Morrighan, Irish Goddess of Magic and Death
New Moon: Rhiannon, Welsh Great Queen and Horse Goddess


Michelle Skye is a regular contributor to Llewellyn’s Almanac’s and other periodicals, and there has since been a few sequels to this book (Goddess Aloud, Goddess Afoot).  I found the book very interesting, including sections on each goddess, the holiday or moon that they represent, a guide to a pathworking, guided meditation, an invocation, and a ritual.  The guided meditation is most likely too hard to memorize, so I was thinking of recording it and playing it back.  I do have a few hesitations about where the author placed each Goddess in terms of the wheel of the year, but I guess you have to pick and choose where to place each Goddess for the purpose of a book.  I have read through most of this book but have yet to do any of the guided meditations or pathworking.  But there is yet time!

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