Merry Meet

Well this is the first post of my new blog “A Year And a Day”.  The ‘year and a day’ reference comes from the fact that most Wiccan groups require seekers to study the craft for a year and a day before they are to be formally dedicated/initiated into the group.  It is said the Celtic goddess Cerridwen stirred her cauldron of knowledge for the same amount of time.  The ‘year and a day’ principle has various other meanings in history, including rules of common law marriage.  But for me I see it as a fun period of time to explore, learn, challenge and question my path.  Who knows where it may lead me!

This blog is a mixture of information, opinion and review.  Most of what I post will be based on what has been previously published and discussed, but I will throw my opinions out there from time to time.  Feel free to comment or follow, and I hope you enjoy.

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